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well when people don't recycle the land fills began 2 ple up and we don't breathe clean air

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Q: What happens to the community if you don't recycle?
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What hapens if people don't recycle?

if people dont recycle the wrold might end and we cant exsits if we dont recycle

Why sould you recycle?

if we dont recycle erath will get pluted bad and we can die but if we recycle nothing will happen

How do you recycle pencils?

you dont

What Can you Offer To your Community?

the thing to help your community is to recycle and learn how to start picking up cans and bottles of the ground

What can you do as a community to help save the plant?

Recycle, Pick up trash on the side of the road, convince people to use less electricity and water, dont waist gas.

Can you recycle buildings in war commander?

no you dont

Will you die in 2012 if we dont recycle?


What are the things that you learned in a community service?

reuse, reduce, recycle

What happens to used car batteries?

they get recycle

Does recycling pepper prevent littering?

it is better to recycle then litter because if you dont recycle then you are littering and the earth can get pretty ugly! so yeah recycle!

Why sould we recycle computers?

it will haunt you in your future if you dont

What happens to ozone layer if you do not recycle things?

If you do not recycle, pollution will increase. This will further increase ozone depletion.