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Q: What happens to frozen fat cells?
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What happens to people who develop extra fat cells?

They get fat.

What happens to cells during frostbite?

The cells will freeze, and likely die, especially when accompanied by rubbing when frozen.

What happens if your FAT CELLS stop working?

your fat shrinks so much you eventually die

What happens to fat cells when someone loses weight?

they decreased in size but did not decrease in number

What happens to excess of sodium inside the body?

Eventually it is consumed by cells. Stored in fat cells. Or leaves the body through sweat.

Do fat cells have Vacuole?

yes fat cells have vacuole

Why are muscle cells smaller than fat cells?

Muscles cells are smaller than fat cells because they are more dense. These cells are more condensed than fat cells.

Yellow bone marrow has a large percentage of what?

fat cells that create red blood cells

Where are fat cells in your body?

Fat cells are located just under the skin. Fat cells store unused food. When your body is not getting enough nutrients, your body takes them from the fat cells.

What are HCG injections used for?

The HCG injections are a specialized chemical that is designed to burn fat cells. This happens through the HCG exciting the fat molecules and them burning away.

How can you quickly convert fat cells into muscle cells?

Unfortunately, there is no way to convert fat cells into muscle cells. You need to decrease the size of fat cells and to increase the size (and perhaps quantity) of muscle cells.

What happens to the fat released from its stores when you start exercising?

It is metabolized by the liver to be converted to simple sugars and used by the cells for energy.