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Nothing much at all except for the usual chemical reaction that comes with engaging in sexual intercourse.

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Q: What happens to a female body after losing her virginity?
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How does a girl's body change after she loses her virginity?

It won't necessarily change after she loses her virginity, and if it does, it likely won't be a result of her having sexual intercourse for the first time. It's because losing ones virginity doesn't change the body at all.

What did the Egyptian followers hope to achieve through sacrifice?

Losing their virginity to a dead body. Hope this helped

How a girl feel while lossing verginity?

This is a very tricky question. physically it means that the girl is ready for sex. however it is the psychological factor that plays a big role in it. losing virginity has different meaning in different parts of the world. those belonging to the old school considering protecting the virginity a virtue. however, with time virginity now is not a treasured thing any more. it is you mind set that will determine whether losing or protecting virginity is a virtue or not. otherwise losing virginity is a common body function which should not be considered bad or negative, it simply has to happen and you need to accept it with a positive frame of mind if you want to have a fulfilling life.

What happens to the menstrual cycle if a female is pregnant?

When a female is pregnant,it depends on how her body works she could have her menses.

Why do men like it when a woman gives him her virginity?

Some men like it because:They view it as cleaner sexBecause they feel the female has more respect for her body than to sleep with many menBecause they feel they are the first to "conquer" or "dominate" herBecause they see virginity as something sacred and to take a woman's virginity is a great honorAnd so on.

how do should be to lose my virginity?

Have body with a man

Where does meiosis happen in your body?

It happens in testis of male.Also occurs in ovaries of female.

What happens if your nervous system is slowed?

The answer is that you will never be nervous again and that you have to much caffeine causing your body losing calcium.

Where does meiosis occur in the body of a female and male?

It happens in the testies for males and ovaries for femal

Can it be possible for fertilization to happen outside the female human body?

Fertilization that happens outside the female body is called in-vitro fertilization. In this procedure, the ova is fertilized with the sperm in a laboratory.

What are some of the consequences of losing water from the body?

The consequences of losing water in the body are:dehydrationirreversible health problemsdeath

What happens when you throw up daily?

When you throw up daily you get skinnier and bonier because your body is losing all its nutrition and you are probably becoming bulimic.