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Q: What happens if your too lazy to sleep?
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What happens when you sleep too much?

too much sleep will make you lazy. too much sleep will also cause you to have a hard time sleping in the night plus you will find it hard for you to wake up early in the morning which is fantastic btw

Can you go into a coma from being too bored?

No, but you can fall into a nice, lazy sleep.

What could you try if you're too lazy to play video games?


What happens if you sleep too much?

you will mess up your sleep cycle

Why AM i Always Lazy even though i get enough sleep etc?

you smoke too much pot!

What happens if you get too much sleep?

My sister told me that if you get way too much sleep, you'll die.

Why doesn't Homer Simpson like going to church?

because he has to get up early for it, he is too lazy to go, and it bores him to sleep

What is a person who is too lazy to work called?

A person that is too lazy to work is called; LAZY

What happens when a person drink too much wine?

you fall in a deep sleep.

How do people sleep in late?

Well some people sleep very late and then they end up not getting up until 12 noon. Other people are just too lazy to get up.

What happens if you have too much sleep?

basiclly,NOTHING.i dont think its possible though

Is a hog lazy?

well.... yes technically hogs are lazy. all they do all day is eat and sleep.