What happens if your car is stolen?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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If your car is stolen you should automatically have reported and what time it had gone missing.

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Q: What happens if your car is stolen?
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What happens if you pull a stolen car and you did not know it was stolen?


What happens if you hide your car from repo?

It will be reported stolen.

If a car on finance is stolen and insurance pays out but then the car is recoverd what happens to the car?

It belongs to the insurance company

What happens if you buy a stolen motorcycle?

You can go to jail for theft of a car.

What happens if your car is stolen and is not found?

Then you buy a MUCH better alarm system for your NEXT car.

What happens if the creditor cant find the car to reposs it?

It gets reported stolen.

If your car is up for repo but is stolen before you return your car what happens?

When your car is 'stolen", you file a stolen car report with the cops. Then your INSURANCE will pay off the loan. The lender will deal with the insurance co. and alls well. You dont have a car, but no payments either. BTW, the insurance co. HAS to be sure its stolen or they wont pay the loan off.

Can a lender tell you that they have reported the car stolen and tell you just drive around and see what happens?

Only you, if the car is in your name, can report it stolen. So they are jacking you up to get their payments

What happens after a repo man says he reported the car stolen?

If a finnancing reposesor has takin the car, and it was stolen from him. it would be listed as a stolen vehicle by the local police. when found would be immediately towed and impounded. until the "OWNER" of the car retrieves it.. Wich means the bank, or financing company that the car was bought from.

What happens if your car gets stolen and you have no insurance and the car is on finance?

The finance company will want to be paid in full if they find out it's stolen. The responsibility to satisfy the loan falls on you seeing that you failed to maintain insurance.

What happens when your car is stolen?

Well to be honest the thief drives is like it was stolen and usually wrecks it Sometimes they strip it for all it's useful parts and sell them

Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

how to find my stolen car when i have the thiefs name Call the police.