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you could fall... I guess. I pray in the shower so there is a good chance I will stop being mad before I am done.

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Q: What happens if you take a shower when your mad?
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What happens if you take a shower with soap and hot water the day after you get a tattoo?

if i take a shower with a sope my dody was clear.

What happens of you take a cold shower after working out?

You get clean.

What happens if we take a puppy a shower and is 3 weeks old?

it gets wet

What is this red blotchy spots on your legs after you take a hot shower or go out in the sun?

I get those when I take a hot shower too, apparently it happens when the water is too hot.

Erection in shower?

Happens a lot. Just take that liquid soap and go to town.

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Why do your muscle s hurt when you get mad?

When a person becomes angry, or mad, they tense up their body. This causes the muscles in the body to tighten. One way to relieve this pain is to take a warm shower or bath.

What you might take to get clean?

Take a shower or a bath

Is a doctor's order required for a patient to shower?

If in the hospital or told by the doctor not to shower, yes. But if the doctor did not say anything about it, take a shower. If anything bad happens, guess who's staying at the doctors summer home this year.

Can you take a shower if you have chlamydia?

You can take a shower if you have Chlamydia.

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To take a shower is US English; to have a shower is UK English.So they are both correct.

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