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Q: What happens if you swallow one drop of eyedrops?
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What happens when your eye's are dehidrated?

you just cover one of your eye or just use eyedrops

What happens if your pregnant and you swallow your partners semen and he has a STD?

You can get it too. Depending on which one it is it can affect the baby or not. Get tested.

Are porcelain cups fragile?

drop one and see what happens... idiot

What happens when you swallow a pop top?

i dont know, but i swallowed one like 20 minutes ago, and im kinda freaking terrified

What to do when you swallow a pestle?

First of all it's swallow, and you can't swallow one, if you actually can, you are abnormal.

What episode is it that rachel in friends gets the eyedrops?

Season 5, Episode 22, The One With Joey's Big Break.

What happens if you suck a battery?

If you suck on a battery, nothing will happen, but you will be sucking in bacteria. If you swallow one (which is unlikely to happen to anyone) then you'd probably die.

Can a super magnet kill you?

If you swallow one than swallow another one later than yes.

What part of speech is swallowed?

Swallow is a noun and a verb. Noun: Just take one swallow. Verb: Now swallow it.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'one swallow doesn't make a summer'?

Even if something good happens to you, it doesn't mean there will be many good things happening too. For example: Bill passed an exam in Math yesterday, but one swallow doesn't make a summer. He still needs to work on it continuously since he is not good at it.

What happens if you drink one drop of iodine?

If you don't contact poison control you could get very sick and possibly die

Do Turtles have magnets in them?

if they swallow one