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what happens is that you'll end having a belly full of soda and gases... but nothing happens when you do that, because your gastric acids inside your stomach help repel or eliminate the chemichal reaction that happens when mints and soda mix... i've done that. and I live... but did I just ran lucky?

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Q: What happens if you swallow mints and then take a glup of soda?
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Do water help you swallow a pill or soda?

Personally, I like using water to swallow a pill, but you could use soda I guess...

What happens when you drink soda and eat mints?

U Wont blow up it will taste minty then U WILL BLOW UP LIKE SOME 1 ELSE SAID SO DNT DO IT!!

Will baking soda and mints explode with soda?

i think yes because baking sooda is like mento and mint yes cause it has a spice flavor

How do you build a model geyser?

What you want to do is put mentos mints in a soda bottle and if it doesnt explode then shake it

Does the soda and a mints causes a bigger explosion then baking soda and vingar?

Yes ,because a mint with soda is like a meteor shooting up in the air and some vinegar and baking soda is like a real volcano which gose up and down

What happens when you mix soda and baking soda?

It bubbles!

Is baking soda too abrasive for your teeth?

Not if you brush your teeth with it just don't swallow it.

What happens when you mix baking soda and sand?

Nothing happens when backing soda and sand are mixed. There is no reaction.

What happens when you put mintos in soda?

What happens is that the soda explodes and the hole place is covered in soda. this creates a chemical reaction or somthing...idk, try it ^.^

How do you explode a can of soda?

ull need some mints and a two liter bottle of soda u might want safety goggles but u go outside [where is safest] and put the mint in the bottle then stand back and watch how the soda EXPLODES

Can an icebreaker mint make a coca cola explode?

Mints with sugar will cause the carbon dioxide in soda to be released all at once, causing the soda to foam in an extreme manner. But the soda does not explode. You may spray Coca Cola on the ceiling.

Does the amount of mentos mints affect how much of the soda is left after its done exploding?

yes. the bigger the reaction then the cola gies higher.