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you will mess up your sleep cycle

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Q: What happens if you sleep too much?
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What happens if you get too much sleep?

My sister told me that if you get way too much sleep, you'll die.

What happens when you sleep too much?

too much sleep will make you lazy. too much sleep will also cause you to have a hard time sleping in the night plus you will find it hard for you to wake up early in the morning which is fantastic btw

What happens when a person drink too much wine?

you fall in a deep sleep.

What happens if you have too much sleep?

basiclly,NOTHING.i dont think its possible though

When was Too Much Sleep created?

Too Much Sleep was created in 1989.

What actors and actresses appeared in Too Much Sleep - 1926?

The cast of Too Much Sleep - 1926 includes: Arthur Lake

What does too much sleep do?

Too much sleep is very non productive Production is the basis of morale Too much sleep = Low morale Too little sleep is not good either Sleep until you feel well rested Make up for lost sleep as soon as possible If you wake up and can not get back to sleep = low blood sugar If you can not fall asleep in a dark quite room = Low Calcium and /or High Cortisol

If we sleep too much then will you get fat?

It's not so much that if you sleep too much you'll get fat; it depends more on what kind of food you eat and the amount of excersise you get.

What happens if you don't enough sleep?

you will get bsgs and you wont have much energy

Is insomnia always associated with high blood pressure?

No. It could be asthma, depression, or many other health reasons. it also happens if you drink too much alcohol or are too used to taking sleep medication.

Why do you always wake up with bed head?

You probably wriggle and turn in your sleep- that happens to me, too!

Can too much sleep cause cancer in young children?