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Q: What happens if you sleep less than you are supposed to?
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What happens to the two people when they sleep together?

They get a good nights rest, albeit less comfortably than sleeping singly.

Some people get less REM sleep than normal because of their schedules. Once these people are able to sleep on a normal schedule again, what happens to their REM cycles?

They have more REM

What does the less than sign mean on Facebook?

If someone types: sleep < It means sleep is less than everything. Normally the less than signs institutes a comparison such as: sleep < food. However the new internet trend is to just put a word like sleep and then the less than sign. As stated, this means that sleep is less than everything. So the ambiguous blankness after the less than sign represents "everything." Why people can't just write the word everything is unbeknownst to me... People also use the greater than signs which work the same as the less than signs. ie: sleep > Which means sleep is greater than everything. It really is all quite pointless, but it is just another internet trend.

Why do dogs sleep less than humans?

they dont

How often are puppies supposed to sleep?

The younger they are, the more they sleep. The first week, all they do is eat and sleep. Soon they will begin to play, but they will still sleep more than half the time.

What are goldbrickers?

Goldbrickers are employees who do less work than what they are supposed to.

What happens if your repossession house is sold for more than you owe?

If your house is repossessed and is sold for more than you owe, you are supposed to get the extra, less the costs of the sale and perhaps also costs that the back incurred.

Do astronauts require less or more sleep than normal when they are in space?

They sleep up to .5 to 2.5 hours less then they do on Earth then in space

Why does my cat eat once a day?

they sleep most of the time, because cats do eating less than dogs

How many hours of sleep do astronauts get each night?

They get less than 8hrs. only about 6hrs. of sleep

Do you notice a change in behavior when you or your children get less than 8 hours of sleep?

Yes, you will most likely notice a change in behavior when you or your children get less than eight hours of sleep a night.

Do you supposed to drink liquor cold?

About 99% of them are supposed to be drank cold. If you are spending less than $50 a bottle, get it cold!