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that will be nasty

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Q: What happens if you pee on the floor?
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Can you train your adult dog to pee on a pee pad?

Every time yer dog pees on the floor, pick her up or take her to the pee pad and lightly scold it when it doesn't go on the pee pad. If you take it to the pad everytime he does it on the floor, he will evevtually learn he has to go on the pee pad/

What happens if you got to pee?

go pee then brah lol

How do you get out dog pee stains from an oak floor?

First you will need to sand the floor and then restain it.

Why cats pee on floor?

trick question, they dont.

What happens if you put a jar with pee in the sun?

It turns into iced pee.

Dog pee and poop on your floor?

yes they do sometimes (dah)

What happens if you can not pee?

you will die D:

How do you remove footprint mark on stone floor?

lick the floor until it is clean. or pee on it and rub it off

Is it a disease some matured people pee pee in bed?

NO Actually its a sign of kidney failure if it happens consistently. The person may want to go get examined if it happens several times. if it dies go pee pee in the potty

Why did Frederick banting discover insulin?

he pooped on the floor and ran and pee

What happens when you water a plant with pee?

It will die.

What happens to pee at room temperature?