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Your skin will dry up.

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Q: What happens if you leave nail glue on your skin to long?
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How do you undry your nail glue?

put water in leave it for a long time about 2 - 5 mins then use it properly

What happens when you swallow nail glue?

you would be in some trouble

What happens if you put tacky glue on your nails?

use nail polish remove or exfoliating the skin/nail glue or soak in nail polish remover then peel off.

What happens if you put nail glue in a baby eye?

Go to the doctor immediately

What is the best glue to glue a fake nail back on with?

Nail Glue or Super Glue. If your fake nails came with nail glue use that, if not super glue because it is the same thing. Nail Glue=Super Glue (Just in a different package) -Lizzy (The Cat Lady)

Can you clean super glue off glass?

Leave it in the nail polish remover for a while then try to remove it

Can you use nail glue to glue stuff on your laptop?

I wouldn't recommend it, but considering how strong nail glue is, it is possible.

What can you use on my fake nails if you have no nail glue left?

use super glue whoever answered this before is dumb fake nails are fine but you can get a nail glue any Walgreen's or walmart/targetbut i combine nail glue and super glue and it works great

What else can you us to clean the sticky nail glue on the cellphone?

Best to leave it unless you further damage the phone.

Is nail glue toxic?

Fake nail glue can not kill you, but may injure your fingers.

Can you use eyelash glue for nail glue?


How do you protect artificial nail sturcture?

if the nails fall out use nail glue if you don't have nail glue then use a sticking nail polish to keep it in place and not fall out