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Q: What happens if you get dehydration?
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What happens if people don't get water?

Dehydration and death.

What happens when dehydration begins to occur?

The salivary secretions decrease

In the dehydration synthesis of carbohydrate what happens?

Monosaccharides are joined together

What happens to a horse if water is not available?

The horse suffers from dehydration and then dies.

In dehydration synthesis of a large carbohydrate- what happens?

monosaccharides are joined together

What happens if you defecate a lot?

Repeated, frequent defecation leads to dehydration.

What will happen to humans if they do not drink?

Death by dehydration is what happens when humans do not drink water. If a human does not eat or drink, they will generally die from dehydration before starvation.

What happens when you don't drink a lot of water besides dehydration?

you save water

What happens during a dehydration synthesis reaction?

As monomers are added, water is being taken out.

What happens to the cell of your body if you sweat a lot but don't drink enough water?

You will get dehydration. Dehydration is when you're body loses more water than what it takes in. It's easy to get dehydration but its more common in the summer due to the hot temperatures.

What happens if you live with food but not water?

Unless the food is very juicy, you will probably die of dehydration.

What happens when you bond two amino acids together?

Dehydration synthesis