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Repeat the year. of the class you failed.

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Q: What happens if you fail summer school?
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What happens if you fail school?

If you fail school you will have to go to summer school to make up your grade, and if you don't you will get held back.

What happens when you fail subject in elementary school?

You stay back or summer school Save

What happens if you fail geometry regents in summer school but take the course over?


Is it possible to fail summer school?

Yes it is possible to fail summer school if you don't do the required work.

What happens if you fail a year?

You would either have to go to summer school or be a post-graduate to make up for the year you flunked.

What happens if you pass geometry 1st semester but fail 2nd semester in high school?

You will probably have to take the second semester course in summer school or the will probably balance the grades out depending on school.

If you fail one major subject in school in 8th grade do you fail the year?

Yes you do. Then you have to go to summer school, if you fail that too then you repeat the grade

What happens when you fail math class for the year btw iam in7th grade middle school in new jersey does that mean i have to go to summer school?

Best thing to do is ask your teacher

What happens if you fail a Class in high school?

if the class is required like math, history, or english, then you lose credits and have to take it again in summer school but if its elective, then nothing happens, you just dont gain the credits that you need to graduate

Can you fail summer school?

It depends on the summer school program and its purpose. Some summer schools are designed to keep skills up during the summer; others are remedial. Some remedial summer schools may fail students or be a confirmation that the student needs to repeat a grade.

What happens if you have a D in 9th grade English?

It depends on what school you go to. At my school, anything less than a B- is considered failing. If you fail a class you might have to retake it the next year, or go to summer school.

What happens if you fail grade eight can they hold you back without your parents permission?

I'd assume you could attend summer school to repair your failed subjects.