What happens if you eat pee?

Updated: 9/19/2023
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My question is...who would ever do that?.

Theres your answer!!

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Q: What happens if you eat pee?
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What happens when cat don't eat or pee?

They are sick and need to go to the Vet

What happens when carbon reacts with hydrochloric acid?

it make carbonic acid for you to eat poo and pee spaghetti

What do poops eat?

pee pee

What happens if you got to pee?

go pee then brah lol

What happens if you put a jar with pee in the sun?

It turns into iced pee.

why i have to eat fruit?

why we pee

What happens if you can not pee?

you will die D:

What happens if you pee on the floor?

that will be nasty

Do snakes pee and pooh?

YES!! If they eat and drank they pooh and pee.

Is it a disease some matured people pee pee in bed?

NO Actually its a sign of kidney failure if it happens consistently. The person may want to go get examined if it happens several times. if it dies go pee pee in the potty

Can you eat tiger pee?

Yes you could. its medicine . Pee mix with blood

What happens when you water a plant with pee?

It will die.