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You read the instructions on the box and call poison control. Their USA number is 1-800-222-1222.

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Q: What happens if you drink visine eye drops?
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What happens when cats ingest eye drops?

If a dog drinks eye drops, the effects will vary based on the type of drops. Visine will cause severe diarrhea in even small doses, while saline drops are harmless.

What happens when you ingest eye drops?

Do not ingest eye drops, do not put eye drops in some one else's drink as a joke. It is extremely dangerous, people have been hospitalized over this and the people putting the drops in the drinks have been charged with a criminal offense. Don't leave your drink unattended in a club; people now bring Visine to clubs as a joke thinking that a few drops will simply cause diarrhea...don't do it.

What are Visine eye drops used for?

According to the Visine official website, the Visine help relieve sore or red eyes. They are allergy eye drops, otherwise known as eye allergy relief.

How do you get rid of itchy eyes?

Visine eye drops. Or bynadryl if it's allergies.

What happens when you put tear drops in someones drink?

nothing. but if you put EYE drops in someones drink they will have an intestinal situation.

Does visine work for bloodshot eyes when you get high?

Yes. There is a medication in visine (and most other over the counter eye drops) that will constrict the vessels on the surface of the eye, decreasing the appearance of bloodshot eyes.

Does drinking eye drops make you poop?

Yes, drinking saline eye drops such as 'Visine' does cause diarrhea

Does Visine cause diarrea?

Yes, it can. Some of the ingredients in OTC eye drops can make a person or animal VERY VERY sick if taken orally. Do not ever give eye drops orally!

What are eye drops used for?

Visine eye drops are used to bring relief to sore, tired eyes. According to their commercials, they are able to "get the red out" and make eyes look and feel fresh again.

What would happen if we didn't have eye drops?

A lot of people would have very red, itchy, irritated eyes. Visine ROCKS.

What happens if you get ear drops in your drink?

It is perfectly fine to put eye drops in your ear , but NEVER put ear drops in your eyes.

Can you use visine when you have contacts?

The Johnson & Johnson Healthcare Products Division of McNEIL-PPC, Inc, who manufacture Visine, warn . . . do NOT use Visine while wearing contact lenses; however, you may use Visine while your contact lenses are out. Wait at least 15 minutes before putting in contact lenses after using Visine.