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You get rotten teeth, and the Coca Cola company get rich.

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Q: What happens if you drink one coke a day for a year?
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Is coke connected to the church of latter day saints?

No... that would be like asking if Coke is connected to teenagers. There's no connection, it's just a drink that happens to be popular with some Mormons. ~*Answered by a Mormon*~

If your diabetic which should you drink coke or Diet Coke?

watever u want to drink! you just cant have anything else the rest of the day.

Does Coke make you sweat?

No. Unless you drink gallons of it each day. Then you would probably sweat coke.

Does coke make you sweat more?

No. Unless you drink gallons of it each day. Then you would probably sweat coke.

What if you drink coke everyday?

u will surely die one day !

How much soda should a person drink without getting kidney stones?

if you are talking about coke you sholden't be drinking coke at all but you can just make sure you don't drink coke 2 a day.

Is it possible to drink 36 liters of coke a day?

Only if you plan to die soon. That much Coke in one day could burst your stomach, cause internal bleeding, and kill you.

Can kids drink 1 regular Coke every day and still be healthy?

most definitly not

What is the proper temperature to drink soft drinks?

coke is the best drink so you can drink it any time of the day, but best when the weather is hot and you hav frezing cold coke :) fact: first sip of coke is the bst sip of any othe sips :D

What happens if you drink a lot on a cold day?


What happens if you drink 6 redbulls in a day?

your fu***

How do you keep cool on a hot day?

go jump in a lake DRINK AN ICE COLD COKE A COL LA