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the answer is just don't

if your a man your strong so dont wash your hands

ladys try not to.

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If you don't wash your hands, you can spread germs, bacteria and viruses to yourself and to other people. It is best to wash your hands regularly throughout the day.

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you get germs and diseases and you die

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Q: What happens if you dont wash your hands?
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What happens when you dont wash your hands after you sneeze?

you get sick... or you get someone else sick. bacteria are transferred to your hands, and are then transferred to everything you touch.

If you dont wash your hands what are you?


What happens if you don't wash your hands for a month?

your hands get dirty

What happens if you wash your hands too much?

If you over wash your hands, it can result in inflammation suck as ezcema and dermatitis.

How does diptheria spead?

when others dont wash there hands

What happends when you dont wash your hands?

What happens when you don't wash your hands? Any germs or bacteria what are on your hands can be transferred to food that have you have prepared and any surfaces that you have touched. If anyone has the misfortune to eat that food or touch those surfaces they could then pick up your germs and bacteria and become infected/ill. If you wash your hands correctly, this will reduce the chance of spreading infectious bacteria.

What happens when you wash in hard water?

Your hands would be wet.

What happens when you wash your hands?

They be come more clean and you will have no germs on them

What if a battery leaks on your hands?

then you wash your hands, just dont put them near fire and your okay.

Will a lizard they get sick you dont wash your hands before you touch them?

Why yes they can.

What happens to water after people wash their hands in space?

The water remains as such after people wash their hands. Even on earth, the water is stored somewhere after washing.

What happens if your employees don't wash their hands?

There is a chance of spreading infection