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if you find a different way to get calcium then nothing will happen

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to me if you don't drink milk you won't get a lot of nutrients these nutrients are protein and can get more diseases without milk.this is why you should drink milk.

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Q: What happens if you dont drink milk?
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What are the acids in milk?

yes there are loads dont drink milk!

Do lion use their tongue to lap up water or milk?

They drink milk

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What happens to the milk when you drink it?

it goes in your stomach

Can I drink vanilla soy milk on Daniel fast?

dont drink at all

What happens when you have a cramp in your belly?

Get a drink of milk or water

What happens when you drink too much milk?

You will vomit!

Will a field mouse drink milk?

yes, they dont have to drink mouse formula or rabit formula

What happens if your puppy drink evaporated milk?

Nothing happens. The puppy will be ok.

What happens if you drink much of transgenic goat milk?

Nothing its like cow milk

What happens if I had my period already but u pee blood?

Drink water and drink milk

Whats happens if you drink to much milk?

What happens is you get diarrhea.....very bad diarrhea this happens because milk is like fruit it softens ur waste