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If you eat a complete diet, you don't need to worry.

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Q: What happens if you don't take vitamins?
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What happens if you take 3 vitamins?

It depends on the vitamins and dosage.

What should i do i dont like fruit or vegetables?

you get vitamins and take them

You dont eat any fruit or vegetable how much and what kind of vitamins should you take?

there are some vitamins that have no flavours but are good for u

What happens when you take amoxicillin when not needed?

what happens if i take amoxicillin and dont need it

What age do children stop taking vitamins for children?

Never vitamins are important therefor you should take them and never stop you dont consume every important nutrient therefor you will need to take vitamins & never stop

You can stay healthy without eating any vitamins true or false?

true, if you are on right kind diet, you dont need to take vitamins

Are vitamin and mineral supplements necessary when the portions are smaller?

Yes, is you dont get enough minerals and vitamins when you eat, supplements are very necessary. It's unhealthy to not have enough vitamins. Take atleast two vitamins a day.

What happens if you dont get enough vitamins?

you will get sick Gain weight, tiredness, weakness, sore muscles, bleeding gums

Do dietitians think it's necessary to take vitamins?

most of them dont, no.

What happens if you take heroine and speed?

i dont no u tell me

What happens when you take laxatives and dont eat anything?

You will deydrate...

What happens if you snort vitamins?

If you snort vitamins they will be directly released into the blood stream via the nasal passage. This is NOT a good way to take vitamins as the nutrients and components in the vitamins are better absorbed in the stomach's acids. DO NOT SNORT VITAMINS