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well...that happen to me too like 8 months no period..but i don't know what is the mother let me drink a cranberry juice..because probably its my blood!

(and it because your body needs to find some bad blood too) (i learn that at F.L.E)

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Q: What happens if you don't have your period for 1 month and your're 11?
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Are you pregnant if you dont have your period one month but you get it the month after that?

No you are not

What happens when you dont get your period after taking birth control for a month?

Hi, This does sometimes happen hun and is nothing to worry about. You should get your period next month but you will need to do a pregnancy test to rule out pregnancy just incase you conceived during the first month of taking birth control pill as this does sometimes occur when you dont use protection. Take care.

Im 13 and a month has past and you dont have your period?

it will happen soon

What happens if a bride has her period?

She can put a tampon, and if she and he dont want to have sex during period they can wait.

What happens if you get pet of the month on webkinz and you dont get the prizes?

You just need to wait and maybe you will get

How could you no vaginal bleeding different from period?

pheeew i do not know if you get your period if it is the first one a month then chanses are its period but i dont know ask your doctor

Is it bad if you don't have a normal period. I'm sixteen and my period will like have a normal month to month period and then sometimes it will be like a couple weeks late. Is that bad?

I was the same way. I dont know if it is normal or not but I am 19 now and my period is regular.

What happens if not using diesel car for month time?

your car gets rusty and wont work for about a month! so dont ever do that!

Missed a period then had one the following month?

Well it is natural my older sister told me it happen to her and she thought that she was pregnant but next month she had her period and she was fine.Most likely caused by normal hormonal fluctuations - if it happens very occasionally it is nothing to worry about - but if it becomes a regular irregularity - you should be seen by a Gynecologist.

What happends if you came on last month and throughout this month and you dont come on this month?

Nothing happens it must mean that you missed it but you may still need to see a GP.

How many days after stopping the active pills will the period usually start?

dont know. I think its a month.

Why are you asking these questions about being pregnant?

i dont know why, i get my period every month on a regular basis i am not pregnant