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You might drown or barf it up or have to pee really bad

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Q: What happens if someone drinks a lot of water?
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What happens to the hamsters if the hamster drinks a lot of water?

they wont be thirsty anymore

What is the definition of bibulous?

Someone who is bibulous is someone who drinks a lot.

What do you call someone who drinks a lot?


What drinks a lot of water?

every animal drinks alot nof water exept animals that hibernate.

What happens if a dog drinks dettol?

If it drinks a lot of it, it may die - if your dog has done this take it to a vet immediately.

What happens to a person's libido if he or she drinks a lot of alcoholic beverages?

... Uh... Nevermind...

Do people get water belly and if so how and what does it come from?

Water belly is common in runners and track athletes. In order to stay hydrated runners have to drink a lot of water, but if someone drinks too much water, they get water belly.

What is sipping on syrup?

that's when someone drinks a lot of cough syrup to get them high.

Who drinks a lot but doesn't?

sink coz it only soaks water but not food

Tense - He used to drink a lot of champagne but now he drinks water?

past simple

Diffusion of water molecules?

Happens a lot.

What can someone tell someone who smokes and drinks and has sex?

Hey, you stink, act silly and we soon gonna have a lot more of you to put up with.