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Q: What happens if left on charger too long?
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What happens if pepperoni is left out too long?

It get greesy and rots terribly

Can you charge a blackberry with an apple charger?

No the apple charger is too long for a blackberry

What happens when coil left too long?

If you leave the copper IUD in too long, there are no potential health problems. If you leave a hormonal IUD like Mirena in too long, you may not be protected against pregnancy, but there are no other risks.

What happens if you leave a girl to long?

It depends on the nature of the relationship, but generally, as anyone would, girls left too long may move on to find someone else.

What could happen to a battery if it was charged at too high a rate?

if you keep a phone on the charger for too long, (for instance, all night,) then the battery will actually not last as long

What type of charger do you need to charge 6 volt 2 mph kids motorcycle battery?

You need a 6 volt charger. When you buy a charger look for one that monitors the voltage level of the battery while it is charging and when the battery is fully charged it will turn off. Indiscriminate charging of a small battery can easily destroy it. Being left on the charger too long can boil the electrolyte out of the battery. A battery can not recover from this action and it will need to be replaced.

How long does the Crosman R71's battery last?

Mine lasted about a year but that's just because i left it on the charger too long. I would say it should last you about 2 to 3 years if you take good care of it and charge it for the supposed time.

What happens if bread raises too long?


What happens when your stereo on for too long?

Many things can happen when your stereo is on for too long. If batteries are being used they will die from the stereo being left on. If the stereo is plugged into the outlet then the electric bill can be run up and there is a possibility that it will become too much for the power source and blow a fuse.

What happens when you boil water too long?

yes if you put your hand in it

What happens if the wavelength of an electromagnetic wave is too long or too short?

it cannot be seen

How long can i charge lawn mower battery on 35 amp charge?

Not at all. A 35 amp charger is far too large to charge a lawn mower battery. Use a 10 amp automatic charger.