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The Great Plains Native Americans were driven away by the settlers. These Native Americans were also killed off by diseases.

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Q: What happened to the great plains Indians?
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Are there great plains Indians and western great plains Indians?

Yes the plain indians live on the great plains. to learn more!

What were the great plains Indians foods?

Buffalo meat was the Great Plains Indians food.

Where plain Indians lived?

The plains Indians live on the Great Plains.

What is the plains Indians habitat?

in the great plains

What tribes lived in the Great plains?

The Sioux Indians lived in the Great Plains.

What did the great plains live?

The Great Plains Indians lived in Pen Island

Why is the name Great Plains a good name for the Great Plains tribe?

Because the Indians lived in the great, big plains.

What was the most important resource for the great plains Indians?

Buffalo and water were the most important Natural Resources for the Great Plains Indians.

When did the Sioux Indians live?

its the Great Plains

Where did the great plains Indians get their water?


What region is natches Indians?

great plains

Were did the sauk Indians live?

The great plains.