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The cat is rewarded and becomes human...a familiar to guide other familiars to help and guide new witches.

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Q: What happened to the cat in charmed?
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What is the cats name on Charmed?

Kit is the name of the cat on Charmed.

What role did the cat in charmed play?

Their familiar.

When did Charmed - video game - happen?

Charmed - video game - happened in 2003.

What are the ratings and certificates for Charmed - 1998 Cat House 5-18?

Charmed - 1998 Cat House 5-18 is rated/received certificates of: Hungary:12 Mexico:B USA:TV-PG

What happened to shannon doherty on charmed?

she was constently a trouble maker and they asked her to leave the show.

What are the release dates for Charmed - 1998 Cat House 5-18?

Charmed - 1998 Cat House 5-18 was released on: USA: 13 April 2003 France: 25 October 2003 Sweden: 28 December 2003 Japan: 21 October 2008

What happened to Paige on Charmed?

Paige got married to Henry, the parol officer, and had twin girls and a son.

What happened the cat?


What happened to Charmed?

In 2002 she was sentenced to a California Prison for a 5 year term for burglary and grand theft auto.

Where did the cat from charmed go?

it was the sisters guardian and in one of the episodes they found out it was they battled a demon to keep her safe and then she went on her marry way

Is there charmed ones yes or no?

charmed quarks yes, charmed lives no!

What are the comparative and superlative degree of charmed?

more charmed, most charmed