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I dont know what happened to him - I just recently discovered his clip on YouTube when he was a contestant on

I really would like to know cause I LOVE LISTENING TO HIS MUSIC and would like to hear some more - Ive been searching the net to see if he has recorded anything - I LOVE HIS VOICE - HES THE REAL DEAL!

He passed away in around 1988/89 in New Zealand.

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Passed away in 1990 
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I STAND CORRECTED: Sadly he passed away in hospital in Palmerston North, N.Z. on 09.05.1990 - I am unsure whether it was heroine or HIV or something else that caused his death...My mistake sorry.

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According to one of his cousins, who commented on the YouTube link, he died of HIV/AIDS. very sad.

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Q: What happened to neora ropata himiona a busker in kings cross Sydney in the 80's?
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