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Well If ur period haven't come yet It doesn't mean that u r pregnant ... u can have some irregularity on ur period cyclo... My advice is to wait some days if it doesnt come get a pregnancy test.

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Q: What happen if your period haven't come and your worried?
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Havent had period in two months worried im 16 sure havent had sex.?

Periods come and go, I wouldn't worry to much :)

You ran out of pills in may and you havent taken any since but your period hasn't come on?

Then you are most likely to be pregnet

Could it be possible if you get pregnant if your period still havent came but you feel sick in the evening?

if you period hasn't come, theres a chance. probably worth getting a test

Did mindless behavior come to Columbus Ohio yet?

Sadly , no they havent been to Columbus yet but it'll happen soon ! I hope .... /:

If you worry that you are pregnant can you miss your period?

Actually, yes. Stress can cause your period to come late. If you are really worried, try a cheap pregnancy test. That will tell you for sure if you are or not.

When should your second period come after you've started your first period. And what signs should you look out for before your about to have your period again?

Firstly, there is no telling when your second period will begin. They will be irregualar for up to 18 months after your first period. Secondly, there is not any signs to look out for but if you are worried it will come unexpectedly you could wear a pantliner.

Missed period next period is due but i still havent ejaculated on im not pregnant want my period to come as im having fertility treatment and can only start when i ejacualte how can i bring on period?

there is no way you can make your period come but if you are on any medication maybe you should consult your doctor on whether you should stop and if you dont have good fertility it might have something to do with it

If the boy nut then your period come on?

If you had unprotected sex and are worried that you might be pregnant, contact your doctor. Please clarify your question for a more precise answer.

Can your period come on twice in one month with you tubes tied?

i am fix but can it still happen

Should your period come after implantation?

no not normally, although periods during pregnancy does happen.

If a fertilized egg does not implant when should you expect your period?

you should expect it on the day it suppose to come on.. Implantation happens a week before your if it didn't happen you got til when your period should come on.

If I started the pill 7 days ago and am now on the light blue ones and I'm supposed to get my period now will I miss my period and will it come on the inactive pills or should I be worried?

No you have no reason to be worried. You may have a period once you get to the inactive pills, you may have some break through bleeding before your period. All of this is normal and your periods will become very regular and possibly lighter after a couple months on the pills.