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I prefer Natural hair color

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Q: What hair colour do males prefer?
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What hair colour does Niall Horan prefer?

blonde :)

What hair colour does Louis Tomlinson prefer?


Are blond girls the hottest?

Not to those that prefer a different hair colour.

What colour hair does Jordan knight prefer on a woman?

Jordan knight like brown hair woman!

What do you call someone with blond hair?

a blonde (for females) or blond (males). For people of colour who have natural blonde hair it is exactly the same.

What is the best hair color?

There is no "best hair color"; every hair color is beautiful in it's own way. (:It is your own opinion about which hair colour is best. Some people prefer blondes and some prefer auburn (ginger) . The colour you like is the best colour. The colour doesn't really matter as long as you like it. Don't worry about what other people say! Go for it!:-)--------------------------------------------------------RED HEADSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

What colour hair does Niall Horan prefer in girls?

currently Niall's 'girl' has light brown hair. she is gorgeous! Jessica English; I've been told she is called...

What colour should you dye your hair you have green eyes and tan skin?

a dark shade of brown would be perfect. What ever you prefer

Which hair colour is sexier?

There is no universal "sexy" hair colour. Hair colour is a personal preference. Your hair colour should be a similar shade to your eyebrows and should compliment your eyes. Ask a professional hair stylist what colour suits you.

What are the main differences between male and female pandas?

Males pandas are larger than females. Males and females also prefer using different habitats. Females prefer higher elevations and males prefer to roam closer to the ground.

Is hair color continuous or discontinuous variation?

Hair colour is continuous because there is a continual range of values when it comes to hair colour

Can you colour your hair 2 weeks after shingles?

Can I colour my hair after shingles