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They are grade eight, and a special length. Do not use a normal bolt.

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Q: What grade of bolts are on the torque converter on a dodge 4.7l?
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What are the torque settings for flex plate bolts on a smallblock Chevy?

Crankshaft to flexplate: 50-60 lb-ft Flexplate to torque converter: 45 lb-ft Use Grade 8 or better at both locations.

What is the torque loading of flange bolts?

It depends on the diameter of the flange, the type of pipe, the materials, the type, size and grade of bolts, type, grade and size of the flange, and the pressure and temperature of the fluid transported in the pipe. Some pipe flanges require very little torque on their bolts while others need as much as 500 foot-pounds of torque, or more. The design and application will determine the required torque.

Tightening torque list for 10.9 grade bolts?

310Nm (230ft/lbs) Dry Zinc Plated

What is the foot pound torque for front brake rotors on a 1978 VW Bus?

Consult a generic torque specification chart based on the size and grade of the of the bolts (top of bolt will have that info on it).

What does the 3 lines on the top of a bolt mean?

A type of indicator of the temper (grade) of the bolt. I think 3 lines = grade 8. other bolts use different indicators, too. on japenese bolts, sometimes a dot is used so they can count revolutions to reach desired torque of bolt without using torque wrench. hope that helps ya.

I have 1984 Chevy pick up with a 250 straight six upgrading to a 350 small cam v8 engine. the truck currently has a 700r4 trans. will this trans and torque converter work for the v8 up grade?

The trans will bolt directly to the 350,but you will need a new torque converter. I had a Nova with the same set-up because the guy who had it before me blew the original trans and replaced it with a 700r4 from a Camaro. The Nova now has a 350 with that trans, but like I said new torque converter. you dont have to buy a new torque converter just use the straight six fly wheel on your v8

What are the torque specs for 8.8 grade bolts?

Torque depends on the size of the bolt as you have already specified grade 8.8. Here are some recommended settings: M8 (13mm across the flat head) 25Nm M10 (17mm across the flat head) 49Nm M16 (24mm across the flat head) 210Nm

In your 2000 5.7L Tahoe when you hold a lower gear when going up a grade or excelerating hard the Tahoe starts to make a pulsating sound and loses a lot of power leaves you stuck going 45 up a grade?

That could be a major transmission failure. Could be the torque converter

What do grade 5 bolts do in a body lift?

They replace the factory body mounting bolts.

Can grade 8 bolts rust?

Absolutely. The grade of bolt has nothing to do with rust resistant properties.

What does grade 3 mean for bolts?

well yes it simpal

How do you determine bolt fastening torque?

It depends on what the bolt is made out of ,if it is metric or standard, the thread pitch and what you are screwing into and if you torque it dry or lubricated... but ALL BOLTS HAVE A TORQUE: If it is a bolt going into the block for example: the manufacturer has a specific torque it needs to be at. Alot are torque to yield and have a torque and torque angle the bolt needs to be at. Another example is on BMWs: they use alot of Aluminum bolt to attach accesories like alternator to the block, they don't have marking(thier usually painted blue and E torx). The torque spec. is crutial do to how easy the can break. The material your screwing into can be the limiting factor, For example an aluminum block without a steel insert. You can easliy pull the threads out, especially if it overheated(again important on BMW's). Their are general torque specs. charts avail. from the manufacturer, listed By the markings on the bolt head and the thread pitch: 1/2 -20 grade 5 bolt for example, from one manufacturer is torqued to 90ft-lbs DRY, 65 ft-lbs LUBRICATED. the lubricated itself can cause the torque # to change, torquing engine bolts with MOLY lube requires less torque than oil do to how slippery moly is. On high end connecting rod bolts, torqueing isn't even recommended... These bolts are under such stress that the manufacturers recommend measuring BOLT STRETCH.