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Massages are good for you, first of all to help relax your muscles. If you've been stressed lately, or have been under pressure, you should consider taking one, as it will help relieve your muscles. It also helps relieve back pains.

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Q: What good does a massage do for you?
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Good massage oil for penis available in India?

good massage oil

How to give a good massage with pleasure?

You can give a good massage with pleasure by making sure to give a massage in all the spots where the person is having problems at.

How can one become good at foot massage?

To become good at foot massage you should take massage classes. You should also study the pressure points for feet.

Is a massage good?

yes it is

How is massage good for heath and happiness?

Experts believe that you can address stress, headache, and body pains with a good massage.

What are some good websites describing how to become a massage therapist?, california-massage-school,,

What education and training do I need to become a massage therapist?

The are massage therapy schools. There you can obtain the training at master the skill needed to be a good massage therapist.

Is fish oil massage is good for penis growth?

Generally what you have is what you have. Massage is probably good for it, but what you massage into it generally isn't important. There is no quick fix for increasing genital size, and everyone should learn to be happy with what they and their partners have.

How much does a good massage therapist in California earn?

Massage therapists often set their own pricing for their services. People will pay up to $100 an hour for a massage.

What are the types of massage that are ideal to elders?

first check with your doctor to be sure that you are in good enough health to receive massage. Assuming you are healthy, Swedish, Neuromuscular, and medical massage are all good options. Deep tissue and rolfing should be avoided

Is weekly body massage good for the body?

yes it is good for the core skin

What is some good massage music?

Most massage music tends to be mellow although there are some exceptions in the clients' tastes. David Lauterstein is a popular choice in massage sessions.