What goes on in your ear?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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nothing you dumdum.

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Q: What goes on in your ear?
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What ear does the flower go on?

It dosent matter which ear it goes on. if u r taken it goes on the left because ur left ear is closer to ur heart. if u r single it goes on ur right ear.

What do you do if a fly goes in your ear?

shine a torch light in your ear and the fly will come out

What does the sound go past in you're ear?

The sound goes into your ear and through the eardrum.

Where do you put the weight loss bead on the ear?

It goes behind the ear on the vagus nerve.

What causes ear aches?

When water goes into the ear and stays there.When you dig the inner ear with a key or any other sharp object.

What happens to the eardrum when sound goes in the ear?

It vibrates.

How sound percieved?

Sound is perceived when sound waves travel through the air and reach our ears. These waves cause our eardrums to vibrate, which is converted into electrical signals by the inner ear. These signals are then sent to the brain, where they are interpreted as different sounds.

What is the part of the earring that you put through your ear?

The part of the earring that you put through your ear is called an ear wire or ear post. It is the thin, usually curved metal piece that goes through the earlobe or other pierced part of the ear.

What happens in between where the sound begins and your ear to allow you to hear the sound?

it creates gaps in the air and then goes to your ear

What is the problem when you'r cat can stop scratching their ear's?

The cat could have ear mites if it goes outdoors a lot.

Where does sound enter after it comes into the inner ear?

it goes to the cochlea

What to do if your earring goes into your ear and gets stuck?

go to a doctor.