What gm14 means on gold pendant?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What gm14 means on gold pendant?
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What does G14K mean on a vintage pendant?

It means its 14 Karat Gold.

Can I wear a gold pendant with a silver necklace?

A gold pendant should be worn with a gold necklace. If the pendant has mostly white or another color in it and just a small amount of gold it might look alright with a silver necklace. Try the gold pendant with the silver necklace and see how it looks, if you think it looks good than by all means wear it.

What does 417 ask mean on a pendant?

It means it's 41.7% pure or 10K gold

What is a Faberge gold pencil pendant worth?


What is a pendant enhancer for jewelry?

A pendant enhancer is used to attach a pendant to a beaded necklace. The pendant enhancer is necessary when the beads are bigger than the size of the pendant loop, therefore it is not possible to attach the pendant directly to the necklace.

Where could someone find a white gold pendant?

There are many different stores and websites where a person could purchase a white gold pendant. They can be bought on websites such as eBay or jewelry stores such as Peoples.

How can you use the word 'pendant' in a sentence?

Our 1.20 carat diamond journey pendant is set in 14KT white gold and weighs about 4.5 grams.

How much do dolphin pendants usually cost to buy?

The cost of a dolphin pendant would vary depending on what this pendant is made of. As an example if this pendant were made of silver it could cost about $12 and up depending on the size and weight of the pendant. If this were in gold the price would be much higher ranging from about $125 and going up depending on the carat weight of the gold.

When a necklace or pendant is labeled as gold filled, what is the outside made of?

The entire item should be made of gold.

Is the chain gold too on the Round Tag Pendant in 18k Gold?

The chain is a high quality alloy designed to match the appearance of the Round Tag Pendant while providing additional strength and durability.

How can I tell the gold content of a necklace or pendant?

If you look on the back of the pendant, there will be a stamp that tells the karat content of it. On necklaces you will see it on a link at the end of the chain.

What is a pretty rose pendant for my mother?

The 14k Rose Gold Diamond Fleur De Lis Pendant is very pretty and appropriate for an older woman.