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The Atlantic Ocean separates Great Britain from America and the thirteen British colonies

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Q: What geographically separated Great Britain from 13 British Colonies?
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How many british colonies exist today?

Britain no longer has any colonies

Which war resulted from objections in the original thirteen colonies to british mercantilism?

the answer is the war between great Britain and the british colonies

What two places are sometimes considered part of the British Isles?

Geographically, the British Isles are the islands of Britain and Ireland and all of their off-shore islands.

What A different between government in Britain and government in colonies America was that the colonies?

were not represented in the british parliament

What two nations are included in the british isles?

Geographically, the British Isles are the island of Great Britain and the island of Ireland. Politically, they are comprised of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

What was a major difference between Britain's colonies in the South Pacific and its colonies in India?

They were more attractive to immigrants from Great Britain.

What religion is most common in former british colonies?

Most former british colonies are still Christian. Much hasn't changed in most of the colonies that were under Britain rule.

What European colony colonized Nigeria?

Both of these regions were BRITISH colonies.

What are the states in British Isles?

Geographically, the British Isles are comprised if the islands of Britain and Ireland and all of their smaller offshore islands. Politically, it is much more complicated than that.

Why did some colonies stayed loyal to the british?

Some people thought this so that the colonies would be provided for by Britain

Which continent did the British empire have colonies in?

It is the Northern Americas which Britain occupied the most.

Did Great Britain rule the colonists in the 1700'S?

=Great Britain almost entirely ruled the colonies in the 1700s.=