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The genus of the Tasmanian devil is Sarcophilus.

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2010-12-21 09:51:10
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Q: What genus is the Tasmanian devil?
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Is the eastern quoll related to the Tasmanian Devil?

The quoll is the closest relative to the Tasmanian devil. They both share the same Family - Dasyuridae, but the Tasmanian Devil is from the Genus Sarcophilus and the Eastern Quoll has the Genus Dasyurus. Both are Australia's largest carnivorous marsupials.

What animals are in common with the Tasmanian devil?

If the question means "What animals are most closely related to the Tasmanian Devil?", then the four species of quolls are most closely related to the Tasmanian Devil.The Tasmanian devil is the only member of its genus Sarcophilus. However, besides the quoll, other relatives include the numbat, the now-extinct Tylacine (Tasmanian tiger) and the antechinus.

What is the Tasmanian devil's nickname?

The Tasmanian devil does not have a nickname.

When was Tasmanian devil created?

Tasmanian devil was created in 1841.

How tall is the Tasmanian devil?

The Tasmanian devil is about 30cm tall.

How do you spell tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devil is the correct spelling.

Does a Tasmanian devil eat another Tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devils do not eat other live Tasmanian devils. They will, however, readily feed on the carcass of another Tasmanian devil that has died.

Does the Tasmanian devil live in the desert?

No, the Tasmanian devil does not live in the desert.

How do you make a Tasmanian devil on alxemy?

rat + pouch = tasmanian devil

What is the status of a Tasmanian devil?

The Tasmanian devil has a conservation status of Endangered.

What is the common name of the Tasmanian devil?

Tasmanian devil is the common name.

What class is the Tasmanian Devil from?

The Tasmanian devil belongs to the class Mammalia.

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