What gas do you exhale?

Updated: 9/13/2023
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carbon doxide

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Q: What gas do you exhale?
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What gas do you take when you exhale?

You inhale oxygen, and you exhale carbon dioxide.

What is the most abundant gas in the air you exhale is?

This gas is nitrogen.

What gas is important to exhale so that cells are not damaged or destroyed?

Carbon Dioxide is important to exhale.

Which gas do humans exhale?

Carbon dioxide

What gas do cattle exhale?

Carbon Dioxide

What gas do people exhale?

Carbon Dioxide.

What is the name of gas that you exhale?


What gas do human exhale?

Carbon Dioxide

What do you call gas you exhale?

Carbon dioxide is wat u exhale; oxygen is wat u inhale

What kind of gas you exhale?

CO2. Carbon dioxide.

What gas is moved out of the lungs when we exhale?

carbon dioxide

Which gas is inhale and exhale by fishes?

carbondioxide and oxygen