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Adventure Quest has fantasy, more classes, and more quests.

Warpforce has sc-fi, aliens, more streamlined story. (as in Adventure Quest, it feels like you're running all over the place and not getting anywhere).

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Q: What game is better Adventure Quest or WarpForce?
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Is adventure quest worlds great game?

adventure quest is an awsome game

When was Adventure Quest made?

The computer game Adventure Quest was created in 2002. Adventure Quest is a role-playing game, where players immerse themselves in a fantasy world and act like and are referred to as their characters.

What is aq worlds?

aq world or adventure quest worlds, is a game just like dragon fable but better.

Where can you get adventure quest game cards?


How do you save your game in adventure quest?

It autosaves.

What was Jagex's very first game?

in adventure quest

What is the game Adventure Quest World?

An MMO RPG online multiplayer game

What is a founder on adventure quest?

somebody who helped make the game

How do you able chat to the adventure quest?

There isn't an in game chat.

How do you save game on adventure quest worlds?

it auto saves for you

How do you get the master of evil in adventure quest?

complete the fishing game

Can you talk on Adventure Quest?

Sadly no the original game AdventureQuest does not have that function BUT!!! In there newest hit game Adventure Quest Worlds you can talk with other people and play with them to. Check it out :D