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The general functions of the cardiovascular system are:

1. It transports/distributes materials between all cells of the body

2. It prevents disease (contains white blood cells), and hemorrhage (contains clotting agents)

3. regulates body temperature, pH

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Q: What function of the cardiovascular system?
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How does the structure of the cardiovascular system help it to carry out its function?

The cardiovascular system what nurse do

What is the function of the system cardiovascular?

The function that keeps your you alive.

The function of the respiratory system closely overlapes with what system?


Providing oxygen to cells the function of what system?

The Cardiovascular System and the Pulmonary System.

Which organ system is most similar to the stems function?

cardiovascular system

What is the function of the liver in the cardiovascular system?

Just to clarify, it is not part of the cardiovascular system. But it has a function of breaking down old red blood cells and recycling some of the parts for new red blood cells.

What is the principal function of blood flow in the cardiovascular system?

The main function of blood flow in the cardiovascular system is the transport of materials and wastes to and from the body tissues. In addition, it carries hormones and immune materials throughout the body.

Is transporting cells that attack disease-causing microorganisms a function of the cardiovascular system?

yes to a degree, but more likely it is a function of the lymphatic system.

What is the main function of the cardiovascular system for a dog?

To transport nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body.

What are the electrolytes in the body and what are their roles in the body?

they help your cardiovascular system and your nervous systems function

What might happen if your cardiovascular did not function properly?

If the cardiovascular system doesn't work, then obviously organs would be affected. The first organ affected will be the lungs.

What is human cardiovascular system?

The cardiovascular system is another name for the circulatory system. It is the body system combining function of the heart, blood, and blood vessels to transport oxygen and nutrients to organs and tissues throughout the body and carry away waste products