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Balloonist SF

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Q: What font is used for the old Nickelodeon logo?
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What is the font used in the d12 logo?

Old English TEXT

What font is used on the old nick logo?

Balloon XBD BT

What is the font used in the Microsoft logo?

The old font used was Helvetica Black Italicand the new font for the logo is Segoe.These aren't the actual fonts, but it is the closest that can be easily found online.Trebuchet MS by Microsoft Corp.Fonts by AerynPlease Refer To the Related Links below.

What kind of font is this?


What is the Chicago White Sox font?

you can download any old English font and you will have it you can download any old English font and you will have it

Is nickelodeon going to bring the sime logo back?

50/50 chance becuase nickelodeon already f up too much but i hope they will bring the old true slime logo but nickelodeon is playing with their dildos right now

What is the font used for the Toronto raptors logo?

The new Raptor's logo features font from the team's old jerseys. They got new ones for their 20th anniversary.

What is the font used for the sun newspaper logo?

The font used for The Sun newspaper logo is custom-made and not publicly available. It was designed specifically for their branding, giving it a unique and recognizable appearance.

What font is the knicks old logo?

The old New York Knicks logo features a custom typeface designed specifically for the team. The font is a bold, block-style typeface that conveys strength and energy, reflecting the team's spirit and identity.

What font do the Chicago Bears use in their logo?

The logo for the Chicago Bears is written in the font OL London Black. The link to the font is:

What is the font of the anime called vampire knight?

The font used in the logo for the anime "Vampire Knight" appears to be a custom-made or modified font that is not publicly available. It is a stylish and dramatic typeface designed specifically for the branding of the show.

Will nickelodeon ever change its logo back?

To keep up with current trends networks have to alter their programming which often means rebranding & altering their lineup, logo, to appeal to a different demographic, that sort of thing.