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Pan-African Flag

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The answer is Germany

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Q: What flag is red and black and gold?
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What is the flag colors on the German flag?

The colors of the German flag are black, red, and gold.

What is the colours of the german flag?

Black, Red, and Gold

Which national flag is made up of black gold and red?

Belgium has vertical stripes of black, gold and red.

What does the national flag of Germany look like?

The German flag has three horizontal bands: black, red, and yellow.

What colours is the Germany?

if you mean the german flag, it's black, red and yellow

What do the colors on Germany's flag stand for?

The color of Germany's flag is black, red, and gold. The gold symbolizes generosity. The red symbolizes courage and toughness. The black symbolizes determination.

What are the colors on Germany's national flag?

Black, Red & Gold!!

What is Germany's flag coulor?

The colours black, red and gold.

What colors are the German flag?

The flag of Germany consists of three colors. There are three equal horizontal bands which show the colors of Germany. The three colors on the flag include black, red and gold.

What is the German flag named?

"Die schwarz rot gold"(the black red gold) is the common term used for this flag.

How many colors are they on the German flag?

there are three colours in the German flag and that is black, red and gold

What does orange mean on the German flag?

There is no orange on the German flag. The colours of the German flag are black, red and gold