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Q: What fashion designer is famous for chains?
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Who was a famous fashion designer in 1990?

it was Abba

Who was a famous fashion designer in the 1910s?

Coco chanel

Jean-paul gaultier is famous for?

He is a fashion designer.

Who are the Famous Filipino fashion designer?

Monique Lhullier

Why is Jean Paul Belmondo famous?

fashion designer

What was Coco Chanel famous for?

French fashion designer

What did Leonardo do?

kfffofkskflsslff He was actually a famous fashion designer.

What is Fashion King about?

this drama is about a girl finding her passion in fashion, she tried to do her best living to be a famous fashion designer, with all the obstacle. she get a-lot of chances to be a famous designer, but she always miss it.. because of love..

How famous is Sonia Delaunay?

She was, and is, very famous in Europe as a painter and fashion designer.

What is the plus side of being a fashion designer?

If you want to be a fashion designer, you will get to see your designs on models and get to be happy about the fact that they worked out. Also, you'll get to be more famous and meet some other famous fashion designers!

What is some designer clothing in Scotland that starts with the letter S?

Jonathan Saunders is a famous Scottish fashion designer. He was named Scottish Fashion Designer of the Year in 2005.

Who is the top Fashion designer in Australia?

Alex Perry is a most famous fashion desigers. Dion Lee is a great up and coming designer.