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Regulus - you can find it at the Lion's heart. (Look for the Lion's mane - it looks like a backwards question mark. Regulus is the 'period' of hte backwards question mark) Denebola is another famous star. It name is Arabic and means tail of the lion. (To the left of the Lion's mane is a triangle of stars that make up his hind quarters and tail. The farthest to the left is Denebola.)

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Q: What famous stars does Leo the lion have?
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Is there any famous stars in Leo?

Regulus is the most famous star in Leo. It's the heart of the Lion. However, there's an even more famous PLANET in Leo the Lion - the planet Saturn ! It should be in Leo for about another year or two until it moves into Virgo - the maiden of the harvest.

How many stars make up Leo lion?

16 stars make up the constellation Leo the lion.

What are the names of the main stars in Leo lion?

The names of the main stars in Leo Lion are; 1.DENEBOLA 2.REGULUS 3.ALGIEBA

How many stars does leo the lion have?

9 main stars

Zodiac Leo and the stars?

The zodiac, Leo the Lion and stars are all different things - what is it that you want to know?

How many stars are in the constellation Leo the lion?


What colors are Leo the Lion's stars?

yellow or red

What type of star is Leo?

Leo is not a star. Leo The Lion is a constellation - made up of many stars.

What is the stars in a Leo?

Here is some information on three of Leo's stars - The three brightest stars in Leo the Lion are : Alpha Leonis or Regulus (the Lion's heart) with an apparent magnitude of 1.35, Beta Leonis or Denebola (the Lion's tail) with an apparent magnitude of 2.14 and Gamma Leonis or Algieba (where the Lion's mane meets his body) with an apparent magnitude of 1.98

What is a famous lion's name?

Leo.....or maybe Aslanhow about the "Lion of Judah"what of Simba? Or Christian the Lion

Who are the demigods of Leo?

Leo is what the Constellation of the Lion is called; it was once the Nemean Lion whom Heracles defeated and Hera put into the stars. It had no offspring, demigod or not.

Was there a Leo the Lion mirror given to movie stars that worked for MGM?

yes there was