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Coco Chanel was adopted

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Q: What famous people have been adopted?
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Have any famous people been to Bangladesh?

Yes famous people have been to bangladesh

Who are some famous adoptees?

There are many famous people who have been adopted. To name a few: Faith Hill Steve Jobs Frances McDormand Sarah McLachlan Ray Liotta Melissa Gilbert Michael Bay Kristin Chenoweth

How many famous people been to California?

It depends on how famous is "famous."

Why do you think ordinary people are interested in the lives of famous people?

Ordinary people have been interested in the lives of famous people as long as there have been famous people. There are several reasons for this including it gives you a glimpse of how the other half lives. People are inspired by someone famous and want to know more about them.

Famous people that have been homeschooled?

A lot

Where there any famous people in the war?

There have been famous people in all wars. Some were famous beforehand, some became famous because of the wars and some became famous afterwards.

Is there any famous people that have or had Menkes disease?

No, nobody that has been famous had this particular disease

Have many famous people have been in Coronation Street?

Lots of famous people have been in Coronation Street. Many of the actors and actresses on it have become famous just by being on it. Then there have been many famous from other areas that have been on it. Probably the most famous was Prince Charles who briefly appeared in one episode in 2000, to mark the 40th anniversary of the show.

Why are kids being adopted?

Because people want kids, and can't have any, and have no problem loving a child not coming from their own bodies. Some have been adopted, or have been foster kids themselves, and feel very strongly about it.

How many of changes have been adopted since 1787?

how many of these changes have been adopted since 1787

Is Andy Biersack adopted?

No, Andy Biersack is not and has never been adopted. All of the Black Veil Brides have grown up with their birth parents and haven't been adopted. The rumor that Andy has been adopted is false. I am a good friend of his and I've met his birth parents. Andy Biersack is not adopted.

What Famous people have been affected by amphetamines?

Gary Cahill