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Genetics, diet, exercise, and environment.

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Q: What factors have the most influence on a person's health?
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How do genetics affect your health?

There has always been debate over the effect of nature versus nurture on health. The most common idea today is that genetics and environmental factors have an equal influence on a person's health.

Factors that contribute to a heathy home and community?

the most dominate factors that contribute to a healthy home and community are to give heed to the word of god, for the entrance of his word into a persons spirit brings illumination,and both spiritual and physical health.

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What are a persons needs in order from most to least important for health and happiness?

check your health book and read it

What is the most important influence on your health?

How you eat and how much you exercise.

Who is most likely to think a persons dishonesty is caused by enviromental factors?


Which physical factors most influence a prairie ecosystem?

Two factors of climate influence in the Prairie Region are natural and human.

Which of the following factors most influence the temperature of seawater?

depth and density

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What factors most influence your willingness to take a risk on the job?


What factors most influence your willingness to take a risk?

success and money

Where negative health influence most likely to be found?

In poor communities