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Q: What factor is a key components of Health?
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What are the key components of the apothecary system?

What are the key components of the apothecary system?

Who documents the key components that determine an evaluation and management code in the medical record?

The treating health care provider or physician.

Examples for each of six components of health?

What are the six components of health?

Are phytoplankton heterotroph?

No, phytoplankton are not heterotrophs. They are the autotrophic components of the plankton community and a key factor of oceans, seas and freshwater basins ecosystems

What are the two key components of protein?

Albumin and globulin are two key components of protein.

What is the definition of gating factor?

Gating Factor refers to the key element of a series of interdependent tasks which has the ability to delay the whole. For Example: "The arrival of the last shipment of components will be the gating factor for us to be able to meet our on time delivery."

What are the components of health care delivery system?

what are the components of Philippine health care delivery system?

What are its integral components of health education?

science and health

what are the five components holistic health?

what are the components of physical fitness

What are the componets of health?

Health is a state of well being when all the health components are in balance. There are a total of six components of health. These are physical , social , environmental , mental , emotional and spiritual .

What are the key components of the Evaluation and Management Codes?

The 3 key components of Evaluation and Management codes are:HistoryExaminationMedical Decision Making

Which of the following is not one of the three components of health?

physical health