What exactly is freeway insurance?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Freeway insurance is an insurance company like any other. They provide insurance for automobile and RV and motorcycles. They can be found at their website:

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Freeway insurance is automobile insurance that has a territorial specialization. Freeway insurance is optional for citizens living in California, Arizona, and Texas.

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Q: What exactly is freeway insurance?
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What insurance company will give insurance on a salvage title?

Freeway insurance

Could you explain you what is a freeway insurance?

Freeway Insurance is the name of an Insurance provider. They offer auto, home, renters, and motorcycle insurance. They are headquartered in California and offer coverage to several states.

What are the contact details for Freeway Car Insurance?

The mailing address for Freeway Car Insurance is Freeway Insurance Services, Inc. P.O. Box 669 Cypress, CA 90630. If you have questions or comments you can call them at 888-443-4662.

Does freeway insurance offer interest free for so many months?

Freeway insurance offers monthly payment plans as low as $15 per month on their insurance plans. They are an insurance broker and not an insurance company themselves.

Is Freeway insurance a good insurance company?

Freeway insurance is really more of a comparison company. Freeway insurance is only offered to California state residents. They offer policies from over 20 different carriers. They do offer Multi-policy, multi-car, good driver, and student discounts.

Does freeway insurance have good rates?

Freeway Insurance, like most insurance companies, base their rates upon information about you. Depending on your history through driving and accidents, they adjust their rates.

What freeway insurances are availiable?

There is no difference between freeway insurance and any other type of auto insurance. Once you are covered by your regular car insurance, it covers all roads, even freeways.

What is the monthly premium for freeway insurance?

The monthly premium for freeway insurance varies greatly for this to be answered. As in other auto insurance quotes would vary on the amount if any accidents or tickets you have had. Your age would also be a factor.

Is freeway insurance company a reputable one?

Freeway Insurance isn't based only out of California, they have offices in Texas and Arizona as well. They are an independent company that reviews more than 20 insurance companies to come up with the policy best suited for you.

Is freeway insurance any good?

Freeway insurance company is a discout auto insurance company. Based on consumer reviews, it does not appear that individuals are very happy with their service, however, their coverage is the same as most other companies, but their customer satisfaction does not appear to be.

How can one contact Freeway Auto Insurance?

The Freeway Auto Insurance company can be contacted via the customer services phone number on 888-443-4662. There is also a chat to customer service feature available on the company's web site.

How do you contact Freeway Insurance?

There are a number of options for contacting Freeway Insurace company. You can locate them in your Yellow Pages of your phone book, or on the net. You can also call 411 and they will connect you with them directly.