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none because she doesn't

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Q: What episode does tenten like Rock Lee?
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Rock Lee and Tenten?


What episode of Naruto SD does the Akatsuki appear?

Episode 38, when Rock Lee and Tenten accidentally stumble upon the Akatsuki hideout.

Does rocklee like tenten?

In one episode tenten blushes when she sees lee working so hard. So maybe she does.

Who did tenten Mary?

She Had A child with rock-lee

What episode was tenten smiling while lee was training?

Episode 220, I believe. ^^

Does Neji get jealous when tenten hangs around other guys?

Neji is jealous when Tenten hangs out with other boys like Lee. He is jealous becoz he loves tenten so much. Theres an episode of naruto shippuden but I forgot what episode it is, In that episode Tenten asked Lee if they could go to Ichiraku Ramen Shop, Neji heard it and said Hmph! and he walked away!(I think) and I have a club and Im Tenten and My Crush is Neji! Its called true love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When does tenten blush?

She sometimes blushes around Rock Lee.

Does TenTen like lee or Neji?

Romantically, none.

What episode does Temari talk to Lee?

Naruto Episode 44. but Temari only says nice catch after Lee catches her (after Temari throws tenten). They do not carry on a normal conversation. Lee says one thing and then after Temari says something else, Lee attacks her; The match is over. (this was during the chunin exams, and tenten was fighting Temari in a preliminary match).

Will lee and tenten be together?

no. obviously it is neji and tenten who will be together

What episodes does Rock Lee go into surgery?

Rock Lee goes into surgery in a flashback in episode 123.

Does Tenten end up with anyone?

Tenten likes Lee. In one episode of Naruto (not Naruto Shippuden), when Lee is training, TenTen and Gai sensei were there all together. Gai sensei was tired and lying down on the ground. But Tenten was sitting on a log with her hands on her cheeks and her elbows on her knees, looking at Lee with a look that says "I love you" and hearts in her eyes. It's pretty obviouse she like Lee. She might also have a thing for Neji. And Neji might have something for Tenten. But my opinion, is that Tenten likes Lee.ANSWER BY: CAYNAI would say yes. Tenten and Lee both care for each other. In every shot of Tenten and Lee, they are almost always next to each other. The TentenXLee couple Israel.I would say yes. In every shot of Tenten and Lee in a group, they are almost always next to each other. The TentenXLee couple is real. See for yourself.I agree^^^WRONG!!!!!!! SHE LIKES AND ALL WAYS WILL LIKE NEJI NEJITEN FOREVA^ AMEN TO THAT! :DI would agree with the answer above.Lee and tenten DO care about each other very much. Even though people see alot of Neji and tenten together. Neji only likes her as a friend and a teammate.The LeeTen couple is real though, i do disagree.:)you people are all morons ,but i do agreePeople tenten starts liking Lee in shippuden but a little. Tenten does like neji in shippuden and before that.i think neji and tenten works.... for one they always there for each other plus lee likes sakura! leeten might work but if neji and tenten doesn't end up as a couple ... naruto fans will decrease to 60% or 70%i agree with the person above me also in a certain naruto game there are 2 secret missions i think that supports nejitenLEE LIKES SAKURA PEOPLE!!!!NEJITEN FOREVER!