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Powerful Language- Apex

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Q: What element must an effective wartime speech have?
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Which element must an effective wartime speech have?

Strategic use of audience appeals.

What is the most important element in an effective speech?

There are three equally important elements in an effective speech.posturevoice projectioneye contactOf course it goes without saying that the speaker must have knowledge about his topic, and be familiar with his speach.

How does the opening of a speech make it effective?

It must grab the audience's attention, so they will actually listen.

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situation status

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Effective teams improve productivity and innovation. If you are on a team you must be a contributing member to be effective.

How is a speech situation different from a speech event?

A "speech situation" is a situation when any kind of speech occurs and there is someone there to hear it. A "speech event", however, must follow a particular format.

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What new development in the war does Churchill report at the beginning of his Wartime Speech?

This is what he says, which changes history: ( i bet you're getting really worked up about this dying for the actual answer) Men and Women, we must go to Church more often, on the hill. This war is causing Britain to gradually fall asleep, unlike this speech, which has made you fall asleep immediately. So go. Go win stones at the Church on the hill

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