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Q: What effects can buildup of pesticides have over the long term in the environment?
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Who had other pesticides in Silent SPRING?

In "Silent Spring," Rachel Carson also discussed the harmful effects of other pesticides such as dieldrin, parathion, and chlordane, among others, on the environment and wildlife. These pesticides were found to have devastating impacts on ecosystems and organisms, leading to widespread environmental damage and concerns about their long-term effects on human health.

What is one of the main concerns in silent spring?

One of the main concerns in "Silent Spring" by Rachel Carson is the harmful impact of pesticides on the environment, including their role in the decline of bird populations and their long-lasting effects on ecosystems.

What detrimental effect can the long-term use of pesticides and fertilizers have on soils?

The long-term use of pesticides and fertilizer can leave chemicals in the soil which can have toxic effects on certain crops and can contaminate agricultural workers, livestock and nearby strams.

What are the short term effects of water use practices and management on the environment?

Short-term effects and long-term effects of the Water Use and Management Practices on the Environment?

Why some organochlorine pesticides have been banned in most developed countries?

Organochlorine pesticides such as DDT have been banned in many developed countries due to their persistence in the environment, ability to bioaccumulate in the food chain, and potential to harm human health and wildlife. They have been linked to various health issues including cancer, reproductive problems, and disruptions to the endocrine system. Regulations have been put in place to protect human health and the environment from the harmful effects of these pesticides.

Does DDT have any short or long term effects on the environment?


Which type of pesticide has the longest residence time in the environment?

Organochlorine pesticides, such as DDT, have been known to have a long residence time in the environment. These compounds are resistant to breaking down and can persist in soil, water, and organisms for many years, causing potential harm to ecosystems and human health.

How do pesticides affect your marine ecosystems?

Pesticides can have harmful effects on marine ecosystems. When they are used on land, they can runoff into nearby water bodies, leading to water contamination. This contamination can harm aquatic plants and animals, disrupting their ecosystems and potentially causing population declines. Pesticides can also have long-term effects, such as bioaccumulation in the food chain, which can further impact marine life.

An example of a dangerous human-made chemical whose long-term effect is yet undetermined is?

Some plant pesticides are thought to be harmful to humans, although they were man-made to help us. We donÃ?t know what the long lasting effects of eating plants sprayed with these pesticides are.

What did Rachel Carson attack in her book Silent Spring?

In her book Silent Spring, Rachel Carson attacked the use of pesticides, particularly DDT, due to their harmful effects on the environment and wildlife. She raised concerns about the indiscriminate use of such chemicals and their long-lasting impact on ecosystems and human health.

What could could be a long term health effect of chemical pesticide use?

Cancer, neurological disorders, and reproductive issues are all possible long term effects of exposure to pesticides.

What Are some Of The Long Term Effects on Going Green?

I think Its Basically about renewing the environment.