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i was looking for it as well, because it's just so gorgeous, and i was informed that it was probably a custom dior creation, as no one can find any trace of it/others anywhere! and the most possible way of obtaining one would be through actually getting one made, like a replica because if that dress was available to buy, being obvs one of very few created/on tv as well, the price would be really really high

sorry, not much help, i want to find out myself!

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Q: What dress was Charlize Theron wearing in Dior commercial?
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Where can you find the dress from the Dior commercial for J'adore with Charlize Theron?

You can't. The dress was specially made for her and this commercial. It is the only one of it's kind.

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Pale blue Christian Dior dress of Charlize Theron was created in 2005.

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