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Q: What does you never wash it off completely mean symbolically?
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How often should you was your jeans?

Huh? if you mean wash, you should never wash them otherwise they shrink and rack your balls.

Does hair wash itself?

Never. Hair cannot wash itself you must wash it.

Will the Lustrous Henna All Natural Hair Dye wash out?

The Lustrous Henna hair dye will wash out, but it will take several rinses for it to wash away completely.

How do you wash out vaginal cream from vagina?

The disharge will clean it out. Never wash the inside of the vagina.

What desciple said you will never wash my feet?

Peter said to Him. "You shall never wash my feet!" Jesus answered and said unto him "If I don't wash your feet then you will have no part of me." John 13:8

What does pretty good wash out mean?

it means you wash something!!

Is there a hair color that I can put in but will wash out completely in a few days?

HAIR masacarra

If you are a blond and dye your hair brown will your blond hair completely wash out?

no it won't if you dye it then it won't wash out. permanet dye will work the most.

Do Catholics wash to pray?

.Answer from a CatholicI have never heard of a teaching that it was necessary to wash before you could pray.

What does baptism mean in literature?

Literally baptism is the ceremony in which people are dunked or sprinkled with water to symbolically wash their sin away and allow them to be "born again" into a new way of life. Figuratively, it means the introduction of a new experience such as the baptism of fire for a new soldier- a rite of passage into a new kind of existence.

why do buttons sink?

because it has never been wash

How do you get semi-permanent hair color out of your hair?

It's impossible to completely remove it, but if you use clarifying shampoo and wash your hair everyday, it will wash out faster.